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    Soma Vision

    Acupuncture is an art and a science. This system of healing originated in China, thousands of years ago. Its source is in the “Tao”. Taoism is a spiritual and philosophical vision, which advocates harmony, balance and oneness with the natural world. The word “Tao” means the way; it is one way to understand man’s place in the cosmos and the myriad interconnections in the universe.

    The concepts of health in Taoism, which evolved from deep contemplation and observation of natural phenomena, were fully integrated within its philosophical and religious tenets. Health and disease are inseparable from life. The human body obeys the same rules as the natural world. Understanding what keeps the universe at peace and flourishing is the understanding of what health is all about.

    Health is like the blue sky and illnesses are like clouds. Health is our natural state of being. Illnesses come and go. True health is not just the absence of disease, but also a state of wellbeing and an attitude of relaxation and openness towards everything life brings to us, including disease. Illnesses are not an enemy we have to fight and eliminate. Rather we need to understand what keeps us strong and vibrant and what makes us prone to sickness.

    Soma DeviWhen we are ill, we want something that will make us feel better right away, so that we can go back to our life. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be extremely fast and efficient when dealing with pain and acute disorders as well as for chronic, stress related and psychosomatic problems. Moreover, healing with Oriental medicine is a gentle and safe process, which does not create unwanted side effects and can bring us back to our natural state of balance and harmony. When we are in a state of balance, we have a stronger resistance to diseases. When we get sick, it’s often because our body is telling us that we need to change something in our diet or lifestyle. The diagnostic process of Oriental medicine can help us discover what our body is trying to tell us, and reconnect with our body’s own wisdom. Each patient is unique because each person manifests diseases in different ways.

    The notion of “life force” is the common denominator to all holistic forms of medicine. It is called “Qi” in Chinese Medicine, “Prana” in Ayurvedic Medicine, and “Vital Force” in Homeopathy. This life force is affected by the quality of the air we breathe, by the kind of foods we eat, by our emotions and how we react to daily stress. The way we live either enhances and preserves it or weakens and destroys it. Our life force is the source of our health.

    It is a very precious treasure indeed. By seeking balance and harmony in our life, not only do we keep a healthy mind and body, but we also bring balance and harmony to the world and our environment.